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Green Roots is a detailing service in the Asheville area that believes in professional car care, eco-friendly practices, and customer service.


About Green Roots Detailing

Green Roots Detailing has been servicing the Asheville area since 2013 with customer service, professionalism, and quality of work at the forefront. We have earned the trust of many of our customers in the Asheville area with the quality of work and customer service they have come to expect. We provide services such as interior detailing, exterior detailing, minor defect removal, paint correction, polishing of paint, and the application of paint sealants for months of protection. Now we are offering the next level of paint protection, Nano Ceramic Coatings by G – TECHNIQ, protection measuring in years for your vehicle’s paint, glass, trim, and wheels completed at our Coating Studio.

About Green Roots Detailing

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Frequently asked Questions regarding Green Roots Detailing

Why does one use a mobile detailer?
  • Green Roots offers meticulous attention that each car deserves
  • Green Roots uses high grade of products with professional application
  • Green Roots saves you the customer time and worry
  • Green Roots is better for environment using less water and biodegradable products
  • Green Roots improves and maintains value of your vehicle
  • Green Roots professional detailing is as important as an oil change
  • Green Roots protects your investment
  • Green Roots brings the experience that comes with a seasoned detailer that goes hand and hand with the quality of detail comes from practice, research, and continuous education.
Will using a MD increase the value of my car ?
Yes, by detailing your cars interior and exterior, you are maximizing the value of your vehicle. Clean car makes us feel good. Car becomes inviting and fresh. portrays confidence and professionalism, most important, it attracts potential buyers. Most of all it protects your investment. By dressing key components of exterior and interior. Protection for exterior elements and contaminants by regular cleaning and waxing is maintained with regular cleaning. Protection of interior by regular attention to vacuuming dusting helps your car look and smell clean.
What is included with an interior detail?
Depending on package an Interior detail includes: cleaning windows, vacuum, detail cup holders, cup holders, under seats, vents, clean doors jams, condition dash, deodorize, clean and shampoo seats/floor mats and condition interior.
What is included in an exterior detail?
Depending on package, an exterior detail includes a foam bath, clay bar, and a paint sealant, tires and wheels detailed and tires dressed. Upgrades include; premium polish applied with buffer, machine compound. applied with buffer, dress trim.
What are Swirl Marks
Swirl marks very light scratches often described as webbing seen in your vehicles paint under certain light. They are caused by minute particles marking contact with your vehicles paint when driving through a car wash or washing or detailing a vehicle incorrectly. Correcting such defects through paint correction can take as long as 20 plus hours.
What is a Nano Ceramic Coating
An evolution of paint protection measured in years! This is a permanent bond to you vehicles paint eliminating the application of wax or paint sealants and protecting your investment with a permanent bond to your vehicles paint. Benefits include maintaining that new car look for the duration of ownership, extreme ease of cleaning, a rich high gloss finish, 10H hardness protecting from elements, oxidation, and swirls.
Are you licensed and insured ?

We are licensed and insured for our safety, as well as the piece of mind it offers to you.

Is the local car wash a good idea ?
  • Traveling to the wash and time to wash are both taking away from your busy day
  • Most local car washes use recycled grey water which is not clean, the water maintains minor dirt, which promote scratches
  • Tools and brushes used are rarely cleaned therefore dirt transfers from one vehicle to another, which will guarantee scratches
  • Same wash for each vehicle
What is a clay bar?
Clay bar is an engineered resin compound that safely removes contaminants that grip and penetrate the clear coat of your vehicle. components including: Bug remains, Rail and brake dust, Road salt, Overspray, Industrial fallout, Acid rain deposits Tar, grease, and oil from the roadway, Bird droppings, Mineral deposits (from hard water)
What is oxidation
Oxidation comes in the form of white chalky or cloudy spots on exterior of vehicle. oxidation is the product of vehicle being exposed to the elements. which breaks down the molecular structure of paint. Maintaining regular detailing practices will prevent this.
What does it mean to protect a vehicle?
The most important aspect of detailing is protecting vehicle from elements. Exterior Paint health is like your skin, it protects whats underneath. By compounding the exterior surface you will be removing oxidation, minor scratches, and swirl marks. Polishing the exterior will bring out the vehicles show room quality paint, depth of color, and defect free finish. The final step is appling a Nano Ceramic Coating for years of protection or a paint sealant offering months, sealing the polished surface from environmental elements, contaminants and oxidation. Detailed interior eliminates odors, protects surfaces from cracking and discoloration and adding comfort. Regular cleaning of tires prevents cracking of sidewalls, also adding luster. Engine bay cleaning improves the life of rubber hoses and silicone components while greatly improves appearance and resale value.
What is Paint Correction
The process of leveling paint, removing defects such as swirls, scratches, and other defects that hinder the true potiential of your paint. This process will restore your paint to its factory color and shine. Perfecting your paint is a laborious process, taking up to 20 plus hours. This carefully achieved by using multiplestages of buffing using compounds and polishes. This steps is mandatory prior to the application of a Nano Ceramic Coating.End results of paint correction will be based on age and condition of paint at time of inspection.
Does my coating need maintenance ?
Yes ! To ensure the performance of the coating and to uphold the warranty by G- TECHNIQ a maintenance schedule must be adhered to. Think of it like an oil change, you change the oil in you engine to make sure your engine is running at its best. The coating needs to be “refreshed” or “reloaded” roughly every 10 months. This process can be done by you the customer with some direction, or preferably by Green Roots Detailing at the Coating studio or in the field by Green Roots Mobile unit. This process will take roughly an hour to complete, longer for larger vehicles.
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